Reusable Henry Bags – Are they a better alternative?

You may have read our article on why you should be using bags in your vacuum cleaner that we posted last week. We covered why Henry (or any of his family) should be used with dust bags. We also covered how it came to be that people thought you could use Henry without bags. Ultimately we determined that you should always use a bag where possible to get the best out of Henry.

What if you dont want to throw bags away?

There is an option for those that want to use dust bags with their vacuum, but do not want to throw them away. A “zipper” type bag offers a best of both worlds with regards to savings and ease of use. There are many types of these reusable bags on the market. They all have one thing in common though, they all seal with a zip and can be used multiple times.

Reusable Henry bags, How Do They Work?

The bags work in much the same way as a disposable vacuum bag. The only difference is when the bag is full you empty it rather than throw it away. Some of the bags are washable others are not, so it is worth checking when you get yours for any washing instructions.

What are the Benefits of using a reusable bag?

  • Cost Saving – If you are on a budget you can get a copy bag for about the same price as a pack of normal Henry bags. A normal box of bags would last around 10 months, so you will not see a cost benefit until this point.
  • Better for the environment – The reusable bag means that less waste ends up in the landfill. It will also lower your carbon footprint as ultimately you are transporting less goods around the country to replenish your bag supply.
  • Performance – You will see an improvement in your vacuum cleaner performance when compared to using no bag at all. This is because the reusable bag acts as a primary layer of filtration, protecting the secondary filter from blocking.
  • All zipped up –  All of your waste is neatly contained in the vacuum bag. The bag  can be easily removed from the machine and emptied into a bin. This is cleaner than just tipping the vacuum out.

It is not all green on the other side…

There is one downside to using disposable bags. The bag can over a period of time become blocked and saturated with dust. This means that the bag will require cleaning. Depending on the type of bag you purchased, this may mean machine washing or beating the dust out. It is not that much work, but it is something to keep in mind if you find your vacuum loosing suction.

Where can I buy a Reusable Henry Bag?

You can find the best prices on our reusable henry bags here: Cheap Reusable Bags.

Which Machines Do these Bags fit into?

If you have a Numatic vacuum cleaner of the following models you can safely say that these bags will fit.

  • Henry
  • Hetty
  • George
  • Charles
  • James
  • Harry
  • Any Machine with 200 in the code (e.g. HHR200a)
  • Any Machine with 370 in the code (e.g. GVE370)
  • Any machine with 180 in the code (e.g. PSP180)