How Old Is Your Henry Hoover?

Ever wondered how old the Henry living in your house is?

Is he older than you!? It is possible, we will show you how to find out how old your cleaning buddy is!

We frequently speak to people who have a Henry that was made as early as 1990 or even before, and many of these are still in use today. The simplistic design of the Henry, Hetty and other Numatic machines makes them very durable and easy to maintain.

How do I find out how old my current machine is?

Finding out how old your hetty or henry hoover is is a very easy thing to do. All you need to do is find the serial number of the machine, this can be located in one of two locations.

Later machines will have the barcode located under the handle. You will find the barcode on a sticker that looks somewhat like the below;

The Henry Vacuum Serial Number

Point 7 is what we are most interested in, this is your machines serial number and is effectively a birth certificate. It shows when he was made, what machine he is and can even show who the machine was sold to. On older machines the serial number may be located on the side of Henry on a white label. It will almost certainly be underneath a barcode as above.

Once you have found the serial number of your machine it is time to work out when he was made, this is rather easy to do. The first four digits are what we are interested in here. The first two digits show the year that the machine was made, and the second two digits show the week within that year. Using the barcode in the above image as an example we can see that this machine was made in 2009 on the 44th week. Another example would be as follows; 113612345 this fictional machine would have been made in 2011 on the 36th week of the year.


Here is another example of a machine, this Hetty found in a local shop was made in the 38th week of  2014.

Which vacuum cleaners does this work for?

All of the Numatic machines, not just those from the domestic vacuum range either, floor machines and scrubber driers can also be dated using this method. So there you go, you can now find out how old your Henry, James or even George is that lives with you.

A testament to good build quality

There are not many vacuums out there that can work so long without ending up in the bin, one of the reasons Numatic machines last so long is their simplistic and easy to maintain build. They are made from strong basic materials that are not fragile.

We want to find the oldest henry out there!

If you have a henry, at home or even in your workplace, we want to know how old he is! It would be awesome to find the oldest Henry or Hetty still in daily use in the country! You can tweet us at @Henry_Vac_store with your henry hoover photo and age, we will try and update this post to show the current oldest model!

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